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We are Skagit County’s largest direct emergency food provider. Last year we distributed 1.2 million pounds of food to over 3,400 unduplicated families, representing over 15,000 individuals. The number of clients relying on our assistance in 2013 increased by 9%.

In 2013 we served an average of 648 families (representing 2,400-3,500 individuals) each week. Over 60% our clients are either children or seniors. There is a sizable population of either physically or mentally disabled. Many are working, yet are unable to meet their families basic needs, including food.

We are making a positive difference for local families, and our community as a whole. We bring over 2 million dollars of resources into Skagit County annually and distribute this to those who need assistance. This assistance allows them to spend the money they do have on other needs supporting our local economy.

Update From Our Director


We are excited to present to you the highlights of the last two months at Helping Hands Food Bank. 

  1. We participated in the Sample of Sedro event in August giving us the chance to meet a lot of great people in the community. (Pictured)
  2. We had the great opportunity to glean 80 acres of broccoli from Valley Pride. We were able to distribute 7000 pounds of broccoli through the Helping Hands Food Bank to all of the food banks in Skagit county.
  3. Skagit Valley Organics donated the use of their commercial kitchen to allow us to process 1000 pounds of broccoli and freeze it. NABC gifted us the use for their vacuum packer to make the most of the local harvest and feed our community through the winter months!
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