Letter from the Executive Director: April 2021

April brought us the return of the heart of Helping Hands, or you might know them as our volunteers. April 12th we welcomed a few volunteers to start sorting the product from the grocery stores so we can start handing it out at distributions. 

Walking in and seeing some of the volunteers after a year without them brought a breath of fresh air and my heart was happy to see a small bit of normality. I know we are not out of the woods of COVID, but with lots of protocols and safety measures in place they can be back in small groups, with masks, and social distancing.

Who are our volunteers? They are retired teachers, nurses, business owners, pillars of the community, children, families and anyone who wants to serve their community. We pride ourselves in giving everyone the opportunity to volunteer and feel like they have a purpose. One of my favorite volunteers is blind and with software she can check clients into our database. Another one of my all time favorite volunteers is Flo who is 95 and the best strawberry and blueberry sorter. 

We have lost 3 volunteers in the last few months and how that affects the organization is deeper than I thought. I miss their hugs, smiles, and sarcastic advice they always gave me. We know that Ariss, Larry and Jim are all at peace and thankful that they choose us to make an impact on. 

When I say that the volunteers are the heart of Helping Hands I truly mean it. There is not anything more important to the health of the organization as the strength of those volunteers. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for past, present and future volunteers for hanging in there with us. We missed you greatly, but we are glad you weathered the COVID storm and are now back with us. Missing you meant you stayed healthy and safe. 

If you are looking for ways to help the community go to our website www.helpinghandsfoodbank.org and fill out an application to volunteer. Our new protocols ask you not to just show up. If you struggle with the application, please call 360-856-2211 and one of the staff can mail it or help you fill it out. Thank you all for understanding our desire to keep the volunteers safe and away from this location until now. We look forward to the volunteers returning in full force someday and then we know we will be whole again.