Letter from the Executive Director: July 2020

I feel like I had a unique introduction to patriotism. My dutch grandparents came to the United States after WW2 and never looked back. My grandpa told me “They moved to America to make something of themselves and they were proud that they were Americans.” 

I served my country for 11 years in the military and always felt it was my path to walk and like my grandparents I was and have always been proud I am an American. Like any great relationship there are good times and there are tough times. We are clearly all in the middle of a tough time. “The most fatal thing a man (person) can do is try to stand alone”-Carson McCullers.  Her quote is exactly what we need to say to ourselves every time we feel like the tough times are going to win. 

Here at Helping Hands we have walked beside 150,000 individuals who have needed our services during this tough time. Children not in school, Parents unable to work, Covid positive community members, people scared, mad, lost and those that just needed someone to stand by. 

We had no idea on Mar 17th when the board approved to shut down and put together a plan to keep the community safe that we would be ultimately taking on so much. Our motto is “dont fear the how”. We have witnessed so much support from our community standing next to us saying “Helping Hands you are not alone”. That is HOW this incredibly hard job can be accomplished. 

As we face more tough times and more need, just remember we get to stand together and face it as a community.  A strong community that cares for those in need; For the children, the seniors, the out of work, the furloughed, those with little food access. We at helping hands cant do this without you standing with us. 

Thank you to those on my path for making me understand what it truly means to be an American and love my country and community. Thank you to all that have walked this path with us and stood next to us to make Helping Hands strong and able to meet the need. Please consider continuing the support till we all walk into the light of the good times. Happy Independence day.

Rebecca Larsen
Executive Director
Helping Hands food bank

“We nourish our community with respect, kindness and food without judgment”