Tasty Tuesday: New Year’s Bonus Recipes

NEW YEAR’S BONUS TASTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2021 – HOMEMADE CHIPS AND SALSA A Message from Granni K: Here we are – at the end of another year! I want […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Chocolate Candy Day

TASTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2021 – NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CANDY DAY Today is National Chocolate Candy Day! When I think of December I think of holiday candies, peanut brittle, divinity, and […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Pumpkin Pie & Fruitcake Days

TASTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2021 – NATIONAL PUMPKIN PIE & FRUIT CAKE DAYS National Pumpkin Pie Day is coming up on Saturday, December 25th! Pumpkin Pie is great for any […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Oatmeal Muffin Day

TASTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2021 – NATIONAL OATMEAL MUFFIN DAY National Oatmeal Muffin Day is coming up on Sunday, December 19th! Oatmeal Muffins have never been on my “Favorite Foods” […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Brownie Day

TASTY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2021 – NATIONAL BROWNIE DAY National Brownie Day is on Wednesday, December 8th! December is here – already! Where did this year of 2021 go? Well, […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Microwave Oven Day

TASTY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021 – NATIONAL MICROWAVE OVEN DAY To celebrate National Microwave Oven Day on Monday, December 6th, I would like to share with you two great recipes […]

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Hamilton Community Food Bank’s Leadership Transition to Helping Hands

Tuesday, November 23rd marked Pastor Ron’s final distribution as President of the Board of Directors at the Hamilton Community Food Bank. It was wonderful to see community partnerships in action […]

Tasty Tuesday: National French Toast Day

TASTY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2021 – NATIONAL FRENCH TOAST DAY National French Toast Day is coming up on Sunday, November 28th. French Toast is a huge “go to” menu dish […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Cranberry Relish Day

TASTY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2021 – NATIONAL CRANBERRY RELISH DAY To celebrate National Cranberry Relish Day on Monday, November 22nd, this week’s blog will include a recipe for cranberry relish […]

Tasty Tuesday: National Bundt Day

TASTY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2021 – NATIONAL BUNDT DAY Can you believe I have used my Bundt pan for about 50 years now? It’s true! Since my mother taught me […]