Helping Hands Food Bank does a great job of providing staple food items to our community and allowing clients good choices across many food categories. At the same time, it is also nice that because of the support of our community, we are also able to provide items “Surprises” outside of these staple categories which many believe to be fun and might categorize as “Soul Food” What are your favorites that you would like to give to others?

What can you expect when you get here

  • 1. Step one tell a volunteer you are new
  • 2. Sign up in the office (no identification required)
  • 3. Go threw the line and receive nutritious food and a smile
  • 4. Repeat once a week every week

Our Food-4-Kids program has been a huge success. We delivered over 3,000 bags of food for children in the Sedro-Woolley school district. “My children love seeing what is inside”. “They can focus more and it takes the stress off me because I know they will have food over the weekend”.