We extend our heart-felt thanks to those who have made our success possible through contributions of time, goods or money. Without your generosity we would not be able to help those who require assistance in our community.

We rely on your support. Our funding comes from individuals, businesses, local organizations and state and federal agencies. The current economic climate has created a urgent situation of reduced funding, a sharp drop in donations and a significant rise in the number of families who are turning to us for assistance. Without your generous support, we could not reliably provide food for our community. Please consider making a financial donation today.


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We believe that collectively, there is an abundance of time, knowledge, money and love. When we choose to share what we each have for the greater good, we will all have an abundance. Know that we are grateful for all the support of our community. We are only successful because of the generosity of the individuals and organizations that support us in what we do.

Monetary Donations allow us to leverage the buying power we have to purchase food at no more that reduced wholesale. Most of the food we purchase is priced at .04 cents a pound, so your monetary donations go a great deal further than you buying items at retail pricing and then donating them. With our buying power, we are able to significantly stretch donors’ monetary support to supply the needs of our community.

“Grocery Rescue” Program: 40% of food is wasted in the United States every year. Why the waste when 15% of households in Skagit County are experiencing food insecurity? Grocery stores (responsible for a large percent of our nation’s food waste) are often pressured to only sell and display food which is not past ‘peak freshness,’ has no cosmetic imperfections, and is quick and easy to sell. Food not matching this criteria is thrown away. However, with Grocery Rescue we are able to take that healthy, good food and redistribute it to our clients! 6 days a week our teams pick up a daily average of 3,000 LBS of food from local grocery stores and farms that are deemed unsaleable but still good to eat. Last year we rescued 865,944 lbs of food from Skagit County that would have ended up a landfill.

Food4Kids: We reach hungry kids through school counselors at both Mary Purcell and Evergreen Elementary, once identified our dedicated volunteers pack up 35lbs of healthy, nutrient dense foods such as fresh produce, milk, bread, peanut butter and more. We make it easy for families by delivering directly through their household. Currently we are helping over 125 local kids a week throught this program.

Mobile Food: Mobile Food, one of our food access programs, is designed to serve those in our community who are unable to receive our services due to challenges with physical mobility or transportation. We deliver 30 LB boxes of food to eligible clients every Tuesday and Wednesday. We recently had each of our clients write a letter to us telling us why they need Mobile Food and they did not disappoint. We aren’t just giving out boxes of food to people who don’t feel like coming to our distribution day, this is a real need. We also have a deeper impact then giving people tangible food for their bodies, they are seeing and feeling that they matter when people show up at their door. We’re tapping into emotional needs too. Our Mobile Food clients rely on this program, and would have added suffering without it. If we believe no one should have to go hungry and be without food access, doesn’t that make it so important to reach those who have even LESS access? We should be our neighbor’s keeper, because we need each other.

Food Donations: We rely on regular donations of bread from Franz Bakery and Panera Bread. Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline of Seattle donate food each month.

Food Drives. We receive donations of food from local businesses, organizations and churches who organize food drives on our behalf.

Grants: With generous grants from private families and corporate sponsors, we have created a respectful and operational facility that served over 127,000 individuals in 2016.

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Donors are the backbone of the organization. Its an honor to help you help your community be strong. Thank you for making it a priority to feed and strengthen your community. 84% of our funding comes from our local community and it really does take a village to make a village strong. “Be the change you want to see”. Our donors are walking that walk and we are so thankful. ~Rebecca Schlaht, Executive Director