About Us

Helping Hands Mission & Vision

Mission: To nourish our community with kindness and respect without judgment.

Vision: Address the inequity of the food bank experience and ensure every citizen has access to high-quality food and resources to help them thrive. 

Who We Are

We are Skagit County’s largest direct food provider and require no prequalification to access our resources. In 2019, we distributed over 3 million pounds of food to over 161,000 individuals.

Helping Hands is open four days a week, including Friday evenings, allowing everyone the ability to participate and receive support. To access our most up-to-date distribution schedule, please visit our Distribution Page.

We are more than a food bank; we are a solution center. DSHS-trained staff help participants gain access to much-needed assistance, offer Job Skills Training by providing internships, and are active in grocery rescue six days a week, helping eliminate approximately 22 carbon footprints each month.

As a non-profit organization, we partner with local food providers and community organizations to provide the best services possible, making a positive difference for local families and our community. It is all possible because of our generous community support.

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