What we do at Helping Hands

C.H.O.W. (Cutting Hunger On Weekends/Backpack Program)
Over 10,000 kids in Skagit County are on the free and reduced lunch program. Thanks to the incredible support of our donors, we provide food to over 2,500 kids each week. Additionally, support for this program is provided by Skagit Publishing, allowing bags to be delivered discretely to students along newspaper routes.

Grocery Rescue
In partnership with Food Lifeline we obtain food six days a week from local grocery stores throughout Skagit County. The food we collect through this program would usually be thrown out and sent to the landfill. So, we rescue it, clean it up, and redistribute it to participants. Generally, the food rescued is disposed of because it is past the “sell-by” date, meaning much of it is still edible.

Job Internships
Helping Hands has a variety of positions at our facility – from warehouse to administrative work. Relationships with organizations such as WorkSource allow Helping Hands to enable individuals to work, learn skills, and build resumes. Many who have worked through Job Internships at Helping Hands have fulfilling careers and even went on to college pursuing higher education.

Mobile Food
Serving Skagit County, Helping Hands delivers much-needed food to home-bound participants or those who may not have transportation to participate in our programs. We provide food east up HWY 20 along the Skagit River and out to Anacortes to many participants.

Navigation Center
Helping Hands has D.S.H.S. trained staff who can assist any participant in need of additional services. Additionally, our staff members can support individuals out in the field, helping those we encounter via Mobile Food.

Project Open Table Skagit
Project Open Table Skagit collaborates with Helping Hands and Leadership Skagit’s Team Open Table (T.O.T.). T.O.T. is building four free-standing “Little Free Pantries” to serve as an extension of the H.H.F.B. services to address food insecurity. This project helps alleviate some of our community members’ inability to visit a food pantry during regular business hours and reach those who are reluctant to ask for help. These pantries are filled with non-perishable, ready-to-eat food on a weekly basis, and are open 24/7. 

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